Installation for Typojanchi 2019, 6th International Typography Biennale in Seoul, Korea.

The cosmos is everything in the past, present, and the future. Elimination or selection is something from the outside. Joosung Kang+Artist Proof (Kyungjoo Choi) expressed ‘polyhedra’ by combining several clues from Carl Edward Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’. They focused on how space is not described as the ‘Universe’, which conveys a single nuance, but rather as a ‘cosmos’ in which chaos and order coexist and multi-layered meaning is inherent. Taking various approaches such as humanities, physics, history, philosophy, to understand the cosmos presents more disproof for the ironic aspects of everyday life.

Collaboration with

Kyungjoo Choi(Artist Proof)


Eojin Kim(Section 'Polyhedrons')


Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk


Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea


Hannah Jeong


Heeju Kang