Found After Lost
Installation for Lost and Found, the spring exhibition of Visual Communication Department(MA) of Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.

I am quite sure that all the audience of this exhibition has a different background of their language because of internationality of my university. So there is a possibility even if I use rare language in a poster, a single person of the whole audience can notice its meaning immediately. So instead of using specific language, I determined to change the shape of words. I revolved the whole letters of ‘Found after lost’ in 3D. Except me, the audience cannot figure it out without interpretation. But this work is exhibited under the title ‘Lost & Found’, so some of the audience can assume that this poster is somewhat related to the meaning of ‘Lost and Found’. Or because of color or shape of an object, they are also able to recall listed candies, abandoned small-sized 3D mockups, even sex toys. I see these random interactions between poster and audience as ‘lost’. It could have remained as ‘lost’ itself, but if some people are trying to figure it out through my interpretation or their own imagination, they could reach to inner meaning, and I consider it as ‘found’. That is the reason that I put words not ‘Lost & Found’, but ‘Found after lost’.

Title of the Exhibition

Lost and Found


Aalto University, Espoo, Finland