Lost and Found
Publication, exhibition graphic design for Lost and Found, the spring exhibition of Visual Communication Department(MA) of Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.

By gathering all scattered pieces from miscellaneous works, exhibition identity shows its business, bizarreness, and attractiveness altogether. In the 2017 spring, the exhibition planning team assembled a variety of works from the art and design departments of Aalto University, presented the stretched out the story to the audience.

"Well, you found the forward. In a backwards place. Welcome to the world of Lost & Found. When we started our programme in Visual Narrative this year, I reached into the box of applications, and pulled out a illustrated scarf, a designer mitten, two left media arts shoes, a graphic necktie and an animated broken umbrella. Looking at the jumble of bizarre ill-fitting orphans before me, I couldn’t have imagined that they would come together in such a strange and magnificent way. Is this the beginning of the story, or some missing middle?" (Zach Dodson, Forward from the brochure of the exhibition)

Collaboration with

Rakastaja Robert, Babi Brasileiro, Lukasz Geratowski


Aalto University, Espoo, Finland


Zach Dodson