The Lives of Others
Direction, graphic design for the publication, The Lives of Others in Korea, Finland and Japan.

The publication The Lives of Others which I directed, designed is composed of photographs documenting 2 places and 10 essays. In total, 17 different lives are presented to the reader via 12 different outlets in this book. The 17 artist participants all talk about their own or other people’s lives but for the reader, they all concern the lives of others. The reader can read the 12 chapters in order, or by random order and repeat the process of staying and leaving each chapter. But finally, when you exit the book–the moment you close it–you would be able to reflect on your own space and life, as the I had experienced. This publication is published in 2018 and exhibited at Factory2, Seoul.

Nami Makishi & Chikako Okeda – Soomi Shon
Ilkka Kärkkäinen & Veera Kulju – Ananya Tanttu

Essay and Artwork
A Life as Time–Based Art Practice – Bora Hong
One Night in a Garden House – Tommi Vasko & Kaisa Karvinen
A Table with Three Legs – CM Ellen
Reflecting on the Other’s Life in The Age of Innocence – Sangkyu Kim
Avoiding Still Life – Ksenia Kaverina
Room with No Affection Attached – Yiyong Jeong
The Two Bodies of a ‘Fossil Subject’ – Jenni Nurmenniemi
As You Want – RohwaJeong
A Meteorologist – Hyunsong Lee
Single–Focused Viewpoint, the Eye Viewing the Whole – Chikako Okeda
Exiting Door – Joosung Kang


Nami Makishi & Chikako Okeda, Soomi Shon, Ilkka Kärkkäinen & Veera Kulju, Ananya Tanttu, Bora Hong, Tommi Vasko & Kaisa Karvinen, CM Ellen, Sangkyu Kim, Ksenia Kaverina, Yiyong Jeong, Jenni Nurmenniemi, RohwaJeong


Joosung Kang


Hongik Seomoon


Hyunsong Lee

Graphic Design

Joosung Kang

Typeface Design

Juuso Salakka


Hongik Seomoon


Solha Kim, Hongik Seomoon, Jaehui Han


Bora Hong

Publishing, Venue