Woven Practices to Wake Up My Own Laziness
Woven Practices to Wake Up My Own Laziness
Poster design for Facebook Open Arts to mark Earth Day 2021.

Woven Practices to Wake Up My Own Laziness is a cumulative process that gathers my design practices related to ecology. This process starts from finding exhibition identities, posters I have designed regarding the Earth. Edge Effects–Active Earth (2017), Fictional Frictions (2018) curated by Ki Nurmenniemi, and ClimATE (2019) curated by Bilge Hasdemir are the projects what I have faced, studied, and designed related to this topic.

To understand the exhibitions fully, reading materials, finding interests from there are necessary. Through these 'woven practices,' I could have a chance to wake up my own laziness towards ecology. While I read interesting topics, I found interesting word combinations from stacked book spines. Randomly connected words create an intriguing title. I wrote scattered words on each book spine and created my own statement. Stacked book spines turn into blocks and I found its colors from the previous projects.

The statement made from scattered words is written on previous posters, too. By repeating the statement, I communicate my experiences and attitude towards ecology again.


Jae-eun Chung, Facebook Open Arts