I am obsessed with coming-of-age films. Because I am an only child, it is the only way to got vicarious satisfaction through the life of characters from movies. It is a quite attractive point that my life and favourite original sound tracks from coming of age films would have common factors and these tracks are going to be arranged in order of my life as a compilation album. It was quite easy to find the actual temperatures of impressive days of my life in the Meteorological Administration. To express temperature of the day, I made patterns from -25 degrees to 25 degrees by using irregular dots. There are various factors to cause influence on sensible temperature like wind velocity, personal feelings, etc. Among them, wind velocity is divided into twelve stages from calm t a hurricane and it is called as Beaufort Wind Scale. Wind velocity makes sensible temperature lowered like the table shown on the right. Depends on a density, areas are full of diagonal lines to express the scale of wind velocity. By the thesis of Hans IJzerman and Gün R. Semin—The Thermometer of Social Relations: Mapping Social Proximity on Temperature, the temperature effects on words what we are saying. For example, reviews from the same movie are totally different because of the temperature of room condition. In contrary, I begin to develop a theory that words are able to effect on temperature, too. So I abstracted words from lyrics and categorized as seven phases: Warm(+25) - Caring(+15) - Generous(+7) - Moderate (0) - Calm(-7) - Tough(-15) - Cold(-25) and designated different colors on steps.