Open design needs to clarify its scope.

A poster design after I read «Open Design Now» by Bas van Abel.

In 'Open Design Now’ which was issued recently indicates open design has turned into an irresistible issue because of the big companies emasculate relatively smaller designers. Although lots of people recognize the importance of design, lots of designers like me cannot guarantee with their own design rights ‘Open Design Now’ recommends to us to open all our design to the public rather be stolen. It also says that lots of customers are going to use it, change it and modify it with their way, too. While I read this book, of course, I agreed with parts of opinions, but I was still curious about social conditions. In South Korea where I live now at least, people still have a tendency that design is a subsidiary or free process to look better. I would like to ask to reconsider about open design which is considered as an only way to solve conflicts between freelance designers and big companies. As a review of this book, I made a public open resource, poster. I copied specific paragraphs about gay marriages from Supreme Court of the United States. To make it an open source, I broke down letters and erased space between letters to devoid of meaning. Also, these paragraphs consisted of free licensed typeface, Noto Sans from Google Inc. After that, I coloured some specific letters from black to white to show the messages, 'Open design needs to clarify its scope'.