Interviews of People Activating City in Helsinki, Copenhagen
Interviews of People Activating City in Helsinki, Copenhagen
Video work for the exhibtiion, Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy in MMCA(The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), Seoul, Korea.

Restaurant Day is a food festival held in Helsinki, Finland and it is open for anyone to enjoy new food and share conversation on the streets. This festival was initiated by two young men from Finland named, Timo Santala and Olli Sirén in May 2011 and this small movement has travelled beyond Scandinavian Peninsula, extending all over the world. Joosung Kang records the past and present of this festival in the format of the interview. In an interview with the co-founder of Restaurant Day, Kang questions the influence of Restaurant Day, referred to as carnival, in the city and food bikers, Puurola and Grillari, talk about food transforming the city life. And another interview continues on surveying the relationship of city and design. Suvi Saloniemi, the curator of Helsinki Design Museum explains the influence of mobility culture on design industry and Charlotte Bagger Brandt, the curator of Raaderum introduces 'City Recipe' project designed to narrow the distance among art, design and culture within the city. Simon Caspensen talks about 'Gardening Pavilion' project, which is a moving garden, and this interview video witness how a simple festival of sharing food transforms the city and creates the culture and alternates the way of life. (Read more)


MMCA, Seoul, Korea


Ab Group(Heyon Lee), Ara Ahn, archetypes, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Daum Kim, Donghwan Kam+Basse Stittgen+Stefanie Rittler, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jongbuhm Kim, Joosung Kang, Jorge Mañes Rubio, etc.


Hyunjoo Lee, Bora Hong