UWAS Experiments
Exhibition poster design for UWAS Experiments in Espoo, Finland.

By overlapping colored blocks with titles and research papers of the UWAS program, the graphic design describes the processual exhibition and unfolds art-based transdisciplinary developments. The cropped text gives the hint of the UWAS program, and a variety of colors indicates diversity from outcomes of the program.

UWAS is an artistic and educational experiment in Aalto University. By offering all students a possibility to engage in transdisciplinary art and design education, it aims at rethinking what learning and teaching could be in universities today and tomorrow. The exhibition offers a series of vignettes into the different facets of UWAS. Like UWAS itself, the exhibition is a work-in-progress, an opportunity to make and remake connections between ways of knowing, thinking, and doing. As such, it is an invitation to generate new thoughts and attitudes concerning art, design, and education in Aalto University and beyond(Text from Aalto University).

Project Manager

Outi Turpeinen, Juuso Tervo


Aalto University, Espoo, Finland