S'lim Zine #6
Publication design for S'lim Zine #6 in Helsinki, Finland.

S’lim is a zine, focusing on a particular place at a time, merging the contemporary and the historical experiences of visiting, living, staying and theorizing.

Issue 6(Helsinki)
City rules

Read All It About – Editorial by C.M. Ellen
Bibliodesia Oikopoios – Aare Pilv
Stair Compendium – New Academy
Artificial Archive – Markus Lähteenmäki
Merihaka A User's Manual – Johannes Ekholm
Listening to Moonface – Spencer Krug
Signs of Merihaka – Antti Auvinen
For The Reader Leevi – Leevi Lehto
Synchronicity – Inka Bell
Semi-In-Control-of-the-People – ensæmble w/ Chih-Han Hsu, Jarno Parkkima & Laura Jantunen
Extreme Lettering – Tuomas Kortteinen
An interview with filmmaker Gary Burns is included as a newsprint supplement with the issue.

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Emery Dash

Collaboration(Graphic Design) with

Emery Dash